The PR Professional’s Holiday Wish List

Struggling to find the right gift for the PR professional in your life? Or are you a PR professional who would like to gift yourself with something fabulous and “work functional” for the New Year? Consider one of the following, which should be on every PR pro’s holiday gift list this year:

  1. Magic Eight Ball:

    To help with those tricky client challenges that would benefit from foresight.

  2. iPad 2:

    Honestly, does this require an explanation?

  3. Héctor Serrano Digital Downtime Watch:

    A stylish time management tool for the social media-savvy PR professional who needs help in divvying up time spent on Facebook, Twitter and email each day.

  4. Year’s Supply of Five Hour Energy:

    A pick-me-up for the dedicated pro who logs the typical 50-to-60 hour work week.

  5. 2012 AP Stylebook:

    A must-have resource. We all need a little grammar guidance once in a while.

  6. Letterpress Thank You Cards:

    Despite everything going digital, a personal thank you card can’t be replaced.

  7. A New Yearly Planner:

    Because an iPad 2 and iPhone are not enough to keep our hectic schedules organized.

  8. The Little Printer:

    For the trendsetter because tiny printers are just so much cooler than big ones. The added benefit – receiving your daily news as a small readable digest!

  9. Tranquil Moments® Sleep Sound Therapy System:

    To help the PR professional in your life fall asleep to something other than reading emails on a Smartphone.

  10. PRSA Membership:

    For the achiever seeking to develop and improve skills through endless learning opportunities – and the invaluable opportunity to meet fellow PR pros along the way!

  11. Annual subscription to PR Week:

    What better way to relax during the holidays than curling up with a good “how to” feature?

  12. HD Flip Cam:

    For the Steven Spielberg wannabe and also because one never knows when the opportunity to create a client-based viral sensation can strike.

  13. Page One: Inside the New York Times Blu-ray DVD:

    For the PR professional who is also a history buff. Watch this Sundance hit for an interesting look into the current newspaper crisis and for the always entertaining David Carr.

  14. Gift Certificate to JoS. A. BANK or Ann Taylor:

    PR is an image business, after all, and it’s important to always dress to impress!

Additional Contributions by: Hillary Blum, Ashley Glowinski and Andrew Ruotolo of Stern + Associates.

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