POLL: Facebook Users Want Entertainment, Coupons from Brands

What do Facebook users want from brands? It isn’t customer service – at least not according to a poll I conducted via Qriously. Qriously is a wonderfully addictive application that is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources. Of the 300 people polled (who provided an instant response via their smartphone) most stated they wanted either entertainment (43%) or coupons (38%) from brands on Facebook – not customer service (19%).

graph - chart - what do facebook users want from brands

Americans and Europeans were more interested in entertainment and customer service while respondents from Asian and Middle-Eastern countries were more interested in coupons.

This data can be used to help steer your Facebook marketing strategies. Simply asking for customers to “like” your page is not a terrible idea, but the user is expecting a bit more in return after they commit. Facebook users are on the platform to connect with friends and family and often complain, very loudly, that they don’t like to be interrupted by marketing messages.

Luckily, entertainment doesn’t seem to fall in that category. If you look at the most popular Facebook fan pages, you’ll notice most apply some level of entertainment to engage fans. In my opinion, the Skittles Facebook presence exemplifies this process. By offering either entertainment or coupons, you may have a better chance at building a relationship with your customers.

However, the viability of such a program is being questioned with Facebook’s new “timeline” display. Now that status updates have been largely regulated to a sidebar ticker, the ability to share messages with followers is becoming more difficult. Once we get a better handle on how the new timeline feature works long-term, we’ll be able to leverage Facebook to benefit both the user and a brand in a meaningful way.

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