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With all this talk of childhood obesity it is no surprise that organic food manufacturers are leveraging the much anticipated “candy holiday” to sell the idea of a healthier Halloween, according to a recent article today on MSNBC.com. Instead of king-sized candy bars and colorful candy corn, children will now have their pumpkin buckets and sacks filled with organic raisins, agave sticks, seashells and herb-seed packets this year – oh yum.

Yes, healthy eating is important, especially among today’s youth considering that more than 90 million young children will face becoming overweight, but forbidding candy on the one holiday that celebrates the sweet tooth is devastating – particularly when it will not even dent the staggering statistics. Parents should look beyond trading in their Halloween handouts from Gummy Bears and Poprocks to granola and pretzels, and instead explore some other creative ways to minimize their family’s environmental footprint while also encouraging healthier lifestyles. Keep in mind too that it is also the responsibility of manufacturers, especially those who are CSR-minded, to play a role in launching eco-friendly initiatives for Halloween to help keep their customers informed on steps that can be taken to celebrate sustainability as well as the sweets.

So, as we all look to minimize our impact on the planet during Halloween, let’s be fair to the children and not take away the candy. Instead, we should tap into more innovative and long-lasting ways in which we can encourage a more eco-friendly lifestyle that lasts beyond October 31.

By Emily Dell, Account Supervisor, Stern + Associates

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