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From our voice-recognizing morning coffee brewers to our auto-dimming bedtime smart lamps, devices powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly being introduced to households and workplaces around the world. How will this technology reshape not just the tools we use, but the fundamental ways we make decisions and interact socially as humans?

“Most people are focused on the relationship between humans and AI,” says Nicholas A. Christakis, a renowned Yale social scientist and New York Times bestselling author of “Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society” (2019). “But not enough attention is being paid to how humans will treat each other in the presence of AI.”

The director of the Human Nature Lab – one of the largest of its kind – and co-director of the Yale Institute for Network Science, Christakis and his team’s groundbreaking research into the patterns of human social interactions has extended to explore pivotal questions into what our use of AI will mean for everything – from how we will work to how individuals relate to one another.

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