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How do brands successfully market and sell products and services? Historically, the answer may have been to explain to consumers why your offerings are better than those of competitors. But in an era of social media, consumer activism and the triumph of “feeling,” says marketing expert Kai D. Wright, it’s no longer enough.

People don’t just base buying decisions on rational persuasion; they become attached – and devoted – to brands that capture their imaginations. In his new book available today, “Follow the Feeling: Brand Building in a Noisy World” (Wiley, August 2019), Wright draws on years of experience and expertise as a Columbia University lecturer and consultant to Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits and celebrities to show you how to make your brand something not only recognizable, but emotive in a profoundly positive way.

“Follow the Feeling” reduces to a repeatable formula something that is inherently hard to define: how to make people feel good about a brand. Wright’s method, LAVEC, involves relying on lexicon triggers, audio cues, visual stimuli, experience drivers and cultural connections to tap into consumer emotions. Wright shows how LAVEC works in practice, using case studies, research and quick-start tips, and elaborating on how he has employed it successfully at major companies like Bank of America, as well as working with celebrity personalities like Diddy.

The digital era has widened opportunities for organizations to spread awareness of their brands, but it has also made the marketing space more crowded and hectic than ever before. For any organization – whether large companies, startups or nonprofits – amplifying brand persona and attracting consumer attention is hard enough, let alone successfully building affection and loyalty.

“Follow the Feeling” will be an indispensable guide for marketing and communications professionals, as well as any senior leader navigating this challenging global landscape.

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