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When the original Wonder Woman debuted in 1975, there weren’t many well recognized, female super heroes. But if the recent blockbuster film is any indication, women can indeed break the proverbial glass ceiling. Thankfully, real-life wonder women surround me: my mom, my cousin, and the public relations professional staff I work with here at Stern Strategy Group.

In fact, our leadership team is almost all female, smart, ambitious women who’ve “grown up” with the agency over the last 20 years – a rarity in any business and industry. I see it as a tribute to the collaborative culture of trust and respect created and reinforced daily by our founder and president Susan Stern (her personal story is an inspiration, too).

But this blog isn’t about girl power. It’s about empowerment – equally. Smart, curious, determined. These are qualities everyone, regardless of gender, needs to successfully navigate today’s business environment. So, public relations professionals, grab your Lasso of Truth, channel your inner warrior, and learn a few life and leadership lessons from my favorite superheroine.

Advance Your Public Relation Professional Career with Four Tips Taken from Wonder Woman

  1. Seek the truth, above all else. This should speak for itself, but it’s worth emphasizing: Be truthful and trustworthy, and align with others who do the same. Integrity is everything.
  2. Take risks. Move out of the metaphorical box and explore new and different ways of reaching your goals – and those of your clients. The marketing and communications landscape is ever-evolving; if you stand-still, you’ll miss important opportunities.
  3. Play to your strengths. Everybody brings different talents to the table. Champion what makes you unique, and team with others who complement and supplement your strengths. And look for ways to consistently keep learning, and expanding your skill sets. Wonder Woman trained hard to hone hers; you should too. 
    Champion what makes you unique, and team with others who complement and supplement your strengths.Click To Tweet
  4. Don’t give up. From day one, Wonder Woman was determined to do whatever it took to fulfill her destiny as warrior. Do the same. Persist. Grow from mistakes (yours and those of others) and keep moving forward. In the words of Wonder Woman, “I fight and I give…for the world I know can be. This is my mission.”

Looking for a new PR career opportunity? We’re always on the lookout for top talent. If you’re a communications or business professional who embodies the qualities above, you could be a match for us. Or if you’re satisfied with your current position, buy alprazolam paypal but are looking to partner with a strategic PR firm that can help you and/or your team think big or differently, talk to us.

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