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  • Fabian Dattner ACAV Keynote 2018
    Fabian Dattner ACAV Keynote 2018
  • Do we care to change what we cannot really see? Fabian Dattner at TEDxSouthBankWomen
    Do we care to change what we cannot really see? Fabian Dattner at TEDxSouthBankWomen
  • The Leadership - Fabian Dattner, visionary founder, Homeward Bound
    The Leadership - Fabian Dattner, visionary founder, Homeward Bound
  • Fabian Dattner Speaking Reel
    Fabian Dattner Speaking Reel
  • KARLA SOUZA & FABIAN DATTNER: Female leadership for the greater good #IWD2023
    KARLA SOUZA & FABIAN DATTNER: Female leadership for the greater good #IWD2023
  • The Practice of LEADERSHIP | Fabian Dattner | TBCY
    The Practice of LEADERSHIP | Fabian Dattner | TBCY
  • Finding Frontiers with Fabian Dattner
    Finding Frontiers with Fabian Dattner

Learn More About Fabian Dattner

Fabian Dattner is not your typical leadership expert – she’s a force of nature, a catalyst for transformation, and a fierce advocate for progress and for women in leadership. Known worldwide as an ethics commentator, activist, and visionary, Dattner is the driving force behind the Dattner Group, a cutting-edge leadership consultancy that specializes in empowering organizations through cultural transformation and elevating women’s visibility in leadership.

In addition to her groundbreaking work with the Dattner Group, she is also the visionary founder of the Homeward Bound Projects. This extraordinary initiative has captured global attention as the largest all-female expedition to Antarctica, bringing together a diverse group of women STEMM leaders from around the world to address the urgent need for greater female representation in decision-making roles.

With a relentless passion for education and a deep understanding of what it takes to create engaged cultures, Dattner fearlessly challenges the status quo of leadership paradigms. Her unwavering belief in the profound impact of great leaders is well-documented and her conviction that the world is at a critical crossroads underscores the urgency for positive change.

Dattner’s remarkable career spans 37 years, during which she has collaborated with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders across the globe. Through her work with the Dattner Group, Homeward Bound, and Compass – a groundbreaking program that unlocks the leadership capabilities of women – she has left an indelible mark on the world of leadership and culture. Drawing from her extensive experience in entrepreneurial ventures, government institutions, education, nonprofit organizations, and corporate sectors, Dattner brings a wealth of knowledge and a strategic mindset to every endeavor.

Her electrifying presence and inspiring leadership style have garnered her a reputation as a sought-after speaker and advisor. Dattner is laser-focused on leading for the greater good, passionately advocating for positive change in organizations and society at large.

Fabian Dattner is available to advise your organization via virtual and in-person consulting meetings, interactive workshops and customized keynotes through the exclusive representation of Stern Speakers & Advisors, a division of Stern Strategy Group®.

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"Highly inspirational, lovingly personal, and an energetic bundle of passion. Fabian is the best speaker on leadership I have ever heard. She brought tears into the eyes of her audience, while leaving them highly energized and ready to rumble."

Gerald Babel-Sutter, Founder & CEO, Urban Future Global Conference

"Fabian walked into a room of 75 of our most senior leaders from across Latin America and the United States and within minutes had captured their hearts and minds. The room immediately felt different. Fabian has a unique and unmatched ability to find the moments of truth that need to emerge for real change to follow; she expertly draws critical insights from below the surface and places them in the spotlight; and she has a gift for cultivating deep optimism in ourselves, in each other, and in the future. I have seen Fabian do this with many audiences, over many, many years – never more powerfully than with our team in January 2023."

Adam Smith, Senior Vice President , Impact, Laureate University

"The Quest Global Marketing Leadership Team sincerely appreciated your coaching, teaching, and guidance last week. You facilitated and directed us toward more constructive collaboration, communication, and overall leadership. Back in our everyday work rhythms, it feels like a part of our team is now missing!"

Samuel Douglas, Center Manager, Quest Global

"I have done leadership development over the last 9 years and can say hands down this is the best experience twice over. Such a privilege."

International Marketing Executive, Global Engineering Firm

"Profoundly relevant. Has given me a whole level of insight into working in a remote environment in how I help to build a more constructive and calmer engaged team, and to my great surprise, how I do this at home. Would never have thought this way of thinking and working even existed."

Senior Executive, Global Marketing Team

"Just love working Fabian. Such deep expertise, I trust her deeply and always get further insights when we work together."

Global Head of Sales Operations, Engineering Firm