Spring Into a New Idea
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Spring Into a New Idea

Spring has sprung our creative juices. To celebrate the season of renewal, we offer fresh definitions (and designs) of what creativity means to some of us.

Ashley G. – Creativity is the moment you take away the boundaries that limit your thinking and begin asking “What if?”

Jen E. – Creativity = finding a new way around, under, over or through the obstacles ahead to a solution or product.

Kristen K. – Creativity: being grown-up enough to think like a child.

Hillary B. – Developing an idea unlike others – and acting on it.

Amanda C. – Creativity goes against the norm and applies a new way of thinking.

Ryan B. – Creativity is producing an idea, concept, product, etc. that will create excitement for both the creator and audience, and inspire action for both parties.

Kerry M. – Creativity: When the marble stone of our imagination meets the chisel and hammer of reason.

Jim N. – I define creativity as an elegant and efficient solution to a problem or path to achieving a goal. Being novel, artsy or buzzworthy is a side-effect of an elegant and efficient solution to a problem, not the root solution.

Tara B. 

Stephanie H. – Creativity: The ability to take an ordinary idea or concept and turn it into something extraordinary. The result is presented in an unexpected, yet clear manner. It makes one think: how come I didn’t come up with that myself?

Pete K. – Creativity is something one can strive for everyday, regardless of the activity. In essence it is the seemingly impossible feat to create an idea or thought that has never been…well thought of before.

Ned W. – Creativity is first and foremost about being open to trying new things…and then trying them.

Emily D. – The use of past and current experiences to develop new approaches for solving challenges.

Brandon H. – Creativity is the ability to look at an object and not realize its true purpose until you’ve already developed 20 others.

Nicole G. – Creativity is the courage to actively challenge assumptions and the freedom to conceive new paths and means.

Ben L. – Creativity is the taking of knowledge, emotions and experiences and combining them with traditional ideas, rules and trends resulting in the creation of new and original ideas, possibilities and opportunities that are in some way valuable.

Jamie M. – Creativity is the practice of expanding your thinking outside its normal realm to incorporate the unusual or different.

Adria T. – Creativity means stepping out of one’s comfort zone, forgetting about “consequences,” throwing out the tried and true and putting a new lens on the task at hand.

Kara E. – No one is more creative than a one year old.

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