Think Big, and Smart

What do you want to be known for? What do your customers need? How can you help them think differently and make sense of things? How can you stand out?

Every leader and organization needs help sometimes. Objectivity, perspective and coaching is invaluable, as is an intimate team of experienced experts who guide your strategy to address your needs or realize your dream. Stern is where thinkers and doers turn for counsel, guidance and strategy that build thought leadership and business.

No matter your challenge – whether you want to share a big idea with the world, clarify your signature brand voice, seize the growth opportunity for a new product or business segment, determine how to approach a new audience, generate greater demand for your services, or simply improve and increase your brand recognition, our senior team is here to help.


First and always, we listen – to you, your audiences and the marketplace. As a trusted partner, we get to know you and your business inside and out. Through discovery interviews and external research, we explore perspectives, needs, assets, gaps and opportunities. An informed view clarifies trends that resonate in the marketplace, the relevant presence of your key competitors and industry “chatter,” potential share of voice and leadership, and opportunities to ensure you stand out. 


Always proactively thinking for your best interests, our senior team members often say what others will not; we tell you what you might not want to hear – but what you need to hear. Candid advice, coupled with creative brainstorming and immersive workshops help you think big or home in – on ideas, brand strategy, product or market opportunities, messaging, voice, thought leadership strategy or overall communications approach. Through immersive working sessions – onsite, offsite, during management retreats or sales meetings – we dig deep to draw out, propose, clarify and confirm strategic approaches, pushing you to be bold and guiding you toward your “aha” moment.

Strategy Development

Our approach is personal and engagements are customized, uniquely tailored to you and your vision. We help you see clearly, dissect challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and network with the brightest minds and businesses. Deliverables may include research and workshop findings; an overarching communications strategy; specific, situation-relevant programming ideas; a voice and messaging map, and/or select story, content and tactical approaches. With Stern at your side, you’ll have strategies in place that will captivate audiences and differentiate your leadership.