Selling copies and making best-seller lists are important (we help you do both!), but your business book is also an extension of your brand and your thought leadership. We ensure you make the most of it.

At Stern, book marketing and thought leadership go hand-in-hand; our programs leverage every angle of a book to maximize its marketability while building a powerful thought leadership brand that drives awareness, interest and demand – well beyond the publication window.

Book Launch Strategy

Partnering with the world’s preeminent business book publishers, we know what it takes to launch your book into the market while building career-defining and -strengthening thought leadership platforms in the process.

Our selective approach to the authors we represent and our powerful blend of capabilities deliver results across numerous channels. And, because we only support books in the business space, we know how and where to secure impactful results. With book marketing programs fully customized to fit each brand’s and author’s specific interests and goals, our capabilities range in scope and intensity, reflecting a set of proven tactics to reach and compel your audiences to action.

Are you writing a business book? Let’s talk about your launch strategy.

Books We’ve Launched Include