Gone are the days when companies lacked data and metrics to prove value and directly connect to KPIs and other goals. Today, we have AI, analytics and data at our fingertips. The challenge now is understanding what it all really means for your business and bottom line, and turning information into insights that can new opportunities and growth. We can help.

Stern leverages a combination of proprietary and industry-relevant tools to create customized, insightful and fully transparent communications reports that measure the impact of public relations on a company’s bottom line to help you make better, trend-informed, data-driven decisions.

Knowing value isn’t measured by one metric alone, we align with our clients on the key indicators to be measured. These could include number and reach of media placements, number and reach of conference opportunities, success of partner programs, share of voice compared to competitors and on specific themes and topics. Of course, no brand is static; we understand the importance of adapting our analytics as you evolve.

Go beyond simply counting media clips. Instead, track with and evaluate how your company is influencing industry conversations, how your competitors stack up, who is interacting with your content and which messages are resonating with your audiences online. Let’s talk about how.