Whether you’re delivering a keynote speech, participating in a panel discussion or talking directly with a decision maker, live interaction with your audience is invaluable. This is why prominent business leaders engage with us: our expertise and connections bring you face-to-face with buyers and those who influence them.

Don’t just take our word for it. From the World Economic Forum and TED, to the Aspen Ideas Festival and Fortune conferences, we forge powerful rapport with the world’s top conference organizers. Our proven approach opens doors to important sector-specific meetings and events. Whether we’re helping shape existing agendas or creating new ones tailored to your big idea, we put our reputation and network to work for you.

Stern also exclusively represents many of the world’s leading gurus in all sectors of business and academia for paid speaking engagements with global companies and organizations.

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 Speaking Platform Strategy

TED might be your dream engagement; it also might not be the right venue to impact your brand. We identify the most influential (non-paid) platforms aligned with your objectives – and then we turn strategy into opportunities.

Speaking Opportunities (Non-Paid)

We drive speaking platform strategy into action, leveraging your ideas and our relationships to secure (and in some cases, negotiate or even create) valuable engagements of significance to your audiences.

Strategic Introductions & Partnerships

This is our strength – drawing from our relationships with experts and authorities, and from our proven approach to original research, to connect you with relevant audiences and organizations to amplify interest in your ideas.

Influencer Marketing

We’re not talking big budget campaigns or celebrity endorsements (though those may have their place). We don’t define influencer marketing as a paid initiative. Instead, we identify and connect you with individuals and organizations that have the niche, loyal and trusted networks you need to reach.

Conferences & Organizations We’ve Worked With Include