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At Stern Strategy Group, we take our responsibility to help mentor the next generation of PR and communications professionals very seriously – but we also know how to have some fun with them too. Our agency annually takes part in the national Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. This year, our future leaders had a blast touring our TOBY award-winning building and learning about what their moms and dads actually do here every day.

Dressed in their business best, the kids met with several members of our team. Susan, our agency founder and president, talked to them about what PR is and how we do it. Lindsay showed how she builds websites; Ashley explained how writing helps “make people popular,” and Jacqie described what it takes to design cool (and strategic) logos.

And in one of the funniest highlights of the day, our in-house videographer, Rachel, teamed with Ned, one of our VPs (and dad to two great kids), to find out what they really know about the world of PR and other pressing questions. It’s true: kids do say the darndest things.

They also played games (Guess the Profession was a big hit), completed a worksheet on our core values, and we even let them draw on the walls – without getting in trouble!

It was an exciting and eventful day – for all of us. We look forward to hosting our future scientist, baseball players, school nurse and teacher again soon. It’s our mission to champion dreams and we’re helping do that, not only with our clients, but with our kids too.