Every one of us at Stern Strategy Group embodies and embraces the ideals that are the signature of our success and seeds of our growth. These core values are at the heart of everything we do – for our business and yours.


Top of the list because it is the foundation on which we are built and the standard for everything we do; the ethical behavior that defines our actions and culture


The belief that incisive, intelligent questions and exploration of new concepts and ideas is essential to personal growth and client satisfaction


An unspoken motivation to pursue our goals with smarts, efficacy, a sense of urgency and the desire to never give up


Moral and mental strength to follow through on our promises, deliver our best work, and ensure lasting, meaningful relationships

Forward Thinking

Continuous effort to propel our knowledge and leadership – and that of our clients – by embracing new ideas, anticipating needs and forecasting tomorrow’s trends


Teamwork that transcends office walls, fostering a non-competitive culture to empower and leverage the strengths and talents of our entire agency

Passion and Enthusiasm

The infectious spirit and inspirational energy that drives our ambition and appreciation for doing good – and good work


Determination to take risks and transcend our individual comfort zones, sharing intelligent counsel, perspective and ideas with confidence


A promise to recognize and celebrate the value each individual contributes to success

Our Core Values