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Stern has represented me exclusively since 2015, and I absolutely love working with them. As a thriving boutique agency specialized in thought leaders, it’s a perfect fit for an academic and author like me. They understand what clients are looking for, and what I can offer. Their professionalism covers up most of my absentminded professorishness (fortunately!). The most important thing for me, though, is their kindness. It’s enjoyable to work with them, and I’m happy to have them representing me. With Danny, Paige, Sumy, Melissa, Ania, and Dan taking care of my clients, and the rest of the team supporting us behind the scenes, I get to just show up and shine at what I do best.

Zoe Chance

Yale School of Management Professor and Bestselling Author

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THE PROBLEM Amy Gallo, a leading expert on calm, confident conflict resolution, healthy communication and workplace dynamics, was approached by the Human Resources leader of a US-based biotechnology firm. Their leadership had recently read her indispensable, actionable guide to navigating tough relationships at work, “Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People)” (HBR…

Our client is an independent corporate governance and executive compensation consultancy that advises businesses on the design of compensation programs for leaders. Ever since it became a requirement in the U.S. to disclose executive compensation, executive pay has become a hot-button topic for corporate boards as they face investor scrutiny. Our client saw an opportunity…

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