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AuthorTitleLaunch Date*Link to Preorder
Kets de Vries - Path to Authentic LeadershipManfred Kets
de Vries
The Path to Authentic Leadership:
Dancing with the Ouroboros
January 7, 2023Preorder on Amazon
Thomas DavenportAll-in On AI: How Smart
Companies Win Big with
Artificial Intelligence
January 24, 2023Preorder on Amazon
Kotler - Gnar Country CoverSteven KotlerGnar Country: Growing
Old, Staying Rad
February 28, 2023Preorder on Amazon
Karen DillonThe Microstress Effect: How
Small Things Create Big
Problems–and What You Can Do
about It
April 18, 2023Preorder on Amazon
Andrew McAfeeThe Geek Way: The Radical
Mindset Transforming the
Future of Business
September 5, 2023Preorder at
*Launch dates subject to change

Recent Book Launches

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AuthorTitleRelease DateLink to Buy
Heidi K. GardnerSmarter Collaboration: A New
Approach to Breaking Down
Barriers and Transforming Work
November 1, 2022Available on Amazon
Dolly ChughA More Just Future: Psychological
Tools for Reckoning with Our
Past and Driving Social Change
October 18, 2022Available on Amazon
Gautam MukundaPicking Presidents: How to
Make the Most Consequential
Decision in the World
October 18, 2022Available on Amazon
Peter Weill
Future Ready: The Four Pathways
to Capturing Digital Value
October 18, 2022Available on Amazon
Davenport - Working With AIThomas DavenportWorking with AI: Real Stories
of Human-Machine Collaboration
September 27, 2022Available on Amazon
Moshe SafdieIf Walls Could Speak:
My Life in Architecture
September 20, 2022Available on Amazon
Stent - Putin's World e-Book CoverAngela StentPutin’s World: Russia Against
the West and with the Rest

(2022 Update)
September 20, 2022Available on Amazon
Lynn Perry WootenThe Prepared Leader: Emerge
from Any Crisis More Resilient

Than Before
September 20, 2022Available on Amazon
Amy GalloGetting Along: How to Work with
Anyone (Even Difficult People)
September 13, 2022Available on Amazon
Moesta - Learning to BuildBob MoestaLearning to Build: The 5
Bedrock Skills of Innovators
and Entrepreneurs
September 6, 2022Available on Amazon
Ari WallachLongpath: Becoming the Great
Ancestors Our Future Needs –
An Antidote for Short-Termism
August 16, 2022Available on Amazon
George SerafeimPurpose and Profit: How Business
Can Lift Up the World
August 9, 2022Available on Amazon
Nathan FurrThe Upside of Uncertainty:
A Guide to Finding Possibility
in the Unknown
July 19, 2022Available on Amazon
Michael B. HornFrom Reopen to Reinvent
(Re)Creating School for Every
July 13, 2022Available on Amazon
Reid BlackmanEthical Machines: Your Concise
Guide to Totally Unbiased,
Transparent, and Respectful AI
July 12, 2022Available on Amazon
Cass SunsteinBounded Rationality:
Heuristics, Judgment, and
Public Policy
July 12, 2022Available on Amazon
Jeffrey Pfeffer7 Rules of Power: Surprising–
but True– Advice on How
to Get Things Done and
Advance Your Career
June 7, 2022Available on Amazon
Cass SunsteinNoise: A Flaw in Human
(Paperback Edition)
May 31, 2022Available on Amazon
Kevin KellyVanishing Asia: Three Volume
Set: West, Central, and East
May 24, 2022Available on Amazon
Leonardi - The Digital MindsetPaul LeonardiThe Digital Mindset: What It
Really Takes to Thrive in the
Age of Data, Algorithms, and AI
May 10, 2022Available on Amazon
Julie BattilanaDemocratize Work: The Case
for Reorganizing the Economy
May 6, 2022Available on Amazon
Rory McDonaldProductive Tensions: How
Every Leader Can Tackle
Innovation’s Toughest
April 26, 2022
Available on Amazon
Steven KotlerThe Devil’s Dictionary
April 19, 2022Available on Amazon
Lynn Perry WootenArrive and Thrive: 7
Impactful Practices for
Women Navigating Leadership
April 12, 2022Available on Amazon
Wendy Fischman
& Howard Gardner
The Real World of College:
What Higher Education Is
and What It Can Be
March 22, 2022Available on Amazon
Andrew HesselThe Genesis Machine: Our
Quest to Rewrite Life in the
Age of Synthetic Biology
February 15, 2022Available on Amazon
Deep Purpose - Ranjay GulatiRanjay GulatiDeep Purpose: The Heart and
Soul of High-Performance Companies
February 8, 2022Available on Amazon
Zoë ChanceInfluence Is Your Superpower:
The Science of Winning Hearts,
Sparking Change, and Making
Good Things Happen
February 1, 2022Available on Amazon

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