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Executive Visibility

Is Our Business

Stern Strategy Group is a strategic communications partner to B2B organizations.

Through public relations, executive visibility and thought leadership strategies, our aim is to pinpoint and unleash your unique inner strengths to help you differentiate and compete.

With our B2B focus, we put our clients’ business goals first, better positioning us to identify a PR strategy with business impact.

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Reimagining What PR Can Do

To break through, your messages must be…

  • Counterintuitive – Reframe old problems with new solutions
  • Surprising – Catch people’s attention in ways others aren’t
  • Provocative – Push your audience into new territory

Traditional PR generates awareness. But that’s not always enough to make an impact on your business.

Effective communications looks beyond just building awareness to:

  • Convert awareness into interest
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Increase demand for what you offer

Our strategic process is designed to identify and spread messages that shift perceptions and change behaviors.

The purpose – and power – of PR is changing. We harness opportunities to not only support your growth but to …

  • Attract talent by being seen as an employer of choice
  • Build trust through executive visibility
  • Establish a reputation as an industry thought leader 
  • Standout as a leader in areas like diversity, sustainability and more

How We Support Your
Growth and Impact

Our Strengths

Thought Leadership

Message Strategy & Persuasion

Corporate Communications & Content Creation

Executive Visibility & Personal Branding

Public Relations: Media &
Conference Relations, Social
Media, Influencer Relations, Measurement & Analytics

Digital Marketing: Web Design, Development, and Maintenance, SEO, Email and CRM, Advertising, Content Creation, Video and Podcast Support

Leading companies trust us to elevate their leaders through custom executive visibility strategies.

We work with companies and organizations that are deeply invested in differentiating themselves by shaping and amplifying their unique narrative expressed through the words and vision of their leadership.

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How We Partner

As partners to our clients, we are…

Highly responsive

Fully transparent

Focused on your growth

A trusted extension of your team

Our clients say we are…






Who We Are

Three Things We Believe In …

On their own

your products and services are not always enough to persuade customers to do business with you. We believe in propelling the executive voice to differentiate and earn trust.

Sometimes overlooked

your unique inner strengths are often your strongest external differentiators. We help you find and unleash them.

We believe in reimagining

the purpose and the power of PR to help companies make a positive business and societal impact.

What We Value





Our Team

Our team members have backgrounds in journalism, marketing consulting,
public relations, content creation, and more



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