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Our customer, a leading food manufacturer, was trying to anticipate future trends in their industry, primarily around consumer tastes, buying behavior, new technologies and changes in the competitive landscape. They conducted extensive research on their own but still struggled to find any actionable insights. They also concluded they were not skilled at studying broader trends in media and technology. Once we understood their challenges, we recommended one of our clients, a world-renowned futurist whose core work is dedicated to predicting and identifying emerging trends.


Known for her unique problem-solving skills and hands-on approach to teaching, our client began working closely with the manufacturer’s customer insights marketing team, helping them develop their own capabilities for predicting future trends so they could independently navigate and anticipate changing consumer behaviors going forward.


Through a series of workshops and exercises, our client taught participants how to use her proven frameworks and tools to view the business through a completely new lens, which helped them identify trends, develop future scenarios and make decisions around their product portfolio, supply chain and growth initiatives. As a result, the marketing team now has a working, proven methodology for how to analyze and anticipate the future and they are currently replicating the training with other divisions of the company.

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