The world of health care is abuzz about precision medicine. The approach, built on advances in gene research and data analytics, tailors treatment of disease to a person’s unique biochemical makeup. But there is a problem: its focus is on treating disease rather than preventing it. And according to Kevin Hrusovsky, there’s a better way forward – with precision health.

Hrusovsky – a biotech engineer, and president, chairman and CEO of Quanterix, a company leading the precision health movement with its biomarker technology – challenged Stern Strategy Group to strengthen his voice and spark more meaningful dialogue and action around precision health.


Leveraging robust relationships and strong affiliations with prominent individuals and relevant organizations, our client was already making a name for himself – as CEO of Quanterix. But further elevating Hrusovsky’s profile would require more than partnerships. It required a strategy to position him not as the successful executive of a biotech company, which he is, but as a precision health leader and visionary.

Elevating his profile required a strategy that would position him not as the successful biotech executive, which he is, but as a precision health leader and visionary.


  • Elevate visibility for Hrusovsky as an authority on issues related to disease detection and prevention
  • Secure high-level, high-impact speaking opportunities with key health care conferences and platforms
  • Shape Hrusovsky’s point of voice into compelling written commentary and opinion pieces for publication in third-party and owned media


Stern set out to build Hrusovsky’s personal thought leadership with a customized visibility program, inclusive of strategic speaking engagements and a steady pipeline of persuasive content. In doing so, we also play a critical role in translating and delivering Hrusovsky’s key messages to external audiences (e.g., researchers, investors) in ways that support not only the precision health movement but bolster Quanterix’s business strategy and market position.


Hrusovsky and his company are on a noble mission to eradicate diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and MS. And our efforts to champion that cause, and advance and strengthen his credibility, reputation and visibility among prominent researchers and investors, are making a difference at the highest of levels: saving lives.

Our team has secured speaking and relationship-building opportunities with nearly a dozen top-tier health care forums and business ideas and issues-focused lecture platforms, as well as written and placed numerous op-eds – connecting Hrusovsky with like-minded, well-connected and highly influential audiences.

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