Helmed by some of the most deeply experienced names in voice technologies that power well-known consumer AI devices, our client set its sights on owning AI for the enterprise.


  • Position company executives as industry luminaries to strengthen perception as a leading provider of AI solutions for enterprises.
  • Shape compelling content and messaging to highlight key product developments and milestones.
  • Build credibility for the brand story, and its thought leadership and services through earned media.
  • Secure speaking opportunities at influential mainstream business, technology and academic conferences.
  • Amplify value and visibility through social media strategy, content development, implementation and measurement.

As we continue to help shape, strengthen and share the company’s story, emphasizing its inner strengths and making the case for augmented intelligence in the enterprise, our team:

  • Garnered media opportunities with top business and tech publications and podcasts, including Forbes, VentureBeat, All Things Data, Axios and Bloomberg.
  • The company’s CEO spoke at nearly 40 engagements in a year, nearly double from the previous year. Top platforms included The Atlantic Future of Work, SXSW (a Featured Session), TNW and VB Transform.
  • Followers across social platforms grew more than 75% and nearly doubled on LinkedIn in our first program year.
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