Conference engagements offer unique and valuable opportunities to disseminate and amplify an organization’s key messages, directly connecting its experts with the audiences who can—and will—act on its solutions. Our conference relations expertise will connect your leaders to the decision makers and influencers who matter most.

Bolstered by relationships with organizers of today’s most prominent conference agendas, our dedicated team of specialists has the connections and experience needed to spread an organization’s message, cement its credibility and expand its network. We move companies to a place where the full potential of an effective conference strategy is realized in terms of brand boosting, business development support and executive visibility.


For an operating company of a large multinational focused on sustainability, we secured more than 45 speaking opportunities at influential business, tech and sustainability forums

A biotech CEO was able to engage with national and global health care leaders and investors among business ideas and issues-focused lecture platforms

A tech startup CEO spoke at nearly 40 engagements in a year, double from the previous year 

For an author and authority on innovation, we facilitated connections that led to longstanding relationships and repeat speaking opportunities with key platforms

“Stern is beyond the best as our partner. With skin in the game, their team gets inside the heads of our thought leaders. Stern supported us for the most prestigious main stage presentation ever given by a Cognizant executive (Money 2020) and a follow up keynote at InVest. They bring innovative and creative concepts, developing visually engaging presentations that are perfectly aligned with the story we want to tell and how we want to reflect our brand.”

– Diana Buxton, former CMO, Financial Services, Cognizant


Many clients come to us having recognized they may not be engaging where it matters most. They’re spending too much time on conferences that are not strategic and/or they are not featured speakers, instead relegated to concurrent sessions or inopportune time slots. Worse, they may be paying hefty sponsorship fees for “less than” ROI. Stern has the experience, approach, talent and connections to resolve these conference relations issues and contribute business impact.