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Why not? Stern Strategy Group is a New Jersey PR firm offering all the advantages of an urban agency infused with the spirit of a homegrown business. We have the bold ideas, big name clients, global reach, and beautifully designed and ideally located headquarters. We’re also entrepreneurial, hands-on, ambitious and passionate – and it shows, not only in the results we deliver, but also in the service we provide.

We are a strategic communications firm with a growth mindset. We’re not limited by size or geography; you shouldn’t be either. If you’re a brand leader or marketing executive seeking a PR firm with deep senior management involvement and bold, smart, lead-generating ideas – or if you’re a curious, creative, motivated career-seeker who wants to work with clients impacting the world – look no further.

We’re entrepreneurial, hands-on, ambitious and passionate – and it shows, not only in the results we deliver, but also in the service we provide.

We’re connected – in every way.

It’s the best of all worlds. Headquartered in Iselin, NJ – just 20 miles from Manhattan and steps from a direct train between New York, Washington, DC, and Boston – we appreciate (and take advantage) of our access to the Northeast corridor. But we also revel in our choice to work and live outside of the city. It gives us a more balanced perspective on quality of life and business (not to mention a little less traffic), without sacrificing anything.

But location doesn’t matter as much as connections, which are a cornerstone of our firm. Relationships matter, and whether we’re leveraging existing or forging new ones, they’re at the heart of our nearly 35 years of success. We connect you with who – and what – you need to know. And when you partner with us, you become part of an elite roster of executives, academics, organizations and corporations – an unmatched network of influencers.

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Bigger isn’t better. Smart and strategic is best.

Giving voice and access to ideas, individuals and institutions impacting the world

Since our start in New Jersey in 1985, Stern Strategy Group has grown to be one of the most established and thriving public relations firms in the Garden State. Nearly 35 years and 35 people strong, we create and implement customized strategies to reach goals. We shape stories, spur conversation, influence thinking, build buzz and drive demand. In just a phrase: we are brand builders.

Among the many ways we deliver value to our clients, here are two of the top that give us – and you – a competitive edge in today’s increasingly complex and commoditized marketplace.

It’s personal.

Every business needs someone who knows you inside and out, a trusted friend and a professional partner. We are that confidant and extension of your team. It’s our personal, hands-on approach that allows us to truly listen – and hear and see what you or others might not: opportunities, challenges, needs, ideas. It’s also what enables us to act on those insights, helping head off issues, solve problems and seed growth.

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“We have a trusted, longstanding relationship with Stern. Our integrated strategy delivers IMA’s thought leadership to drive brand reputation and reach target markets.”

Marc GerroneSenior Director, Communications and Public RelationsInstitute of Management Accountants

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We make growth happen.

Your goal is to make an impact – on your customers, your employees, your industry, your bottom line. We share that mission. Done well and right, our strategic public relations, marketing, advisory and speakers work will help command a premium for your services, influencing decisions and generating demand.

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