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As we continue to divide our time between various apps and platforms, attention has become the currency of marketers and communications pros. Capturing your audience’s attention with visual content is a critical first step toward earning their trust and business.

Data-driven storytelling is an important facet of visual marketing; it’s also a highly effective way to win the attention auction. From infographics to SlideShares, it’s our challenge and opportunity to capitalize on our audience’s preference for both eye-catching visual content and informative insights, all while delivering your messages in a “snackable” format, or something a reader can consume in just a couple of minutes.

But it’s not just bound to snackable content or even social media; infusing images in customer emails, newsletters, website copy, blog posts and more, is proven to capture their attention, appeal to their emotions and incite them to action.

Tell Your Story with Visual Content in Pictures and Numbers

You’re likely sitting on, or at least have access to, troves of data and unique insights. It’s communications gold! And given that we process images 60,000 times faster than text, the most valuable way to deliver those data-fueled stories is often to package them in a smart, well-designed visual.

As communicators, we’re writing a new chapter (or maybe it’s a book) for how to creatively shape and share our clients’ narratives in this era of visual, data-driven storytelling. Pictures and numbers alike are truly worth a thousand words. Leverage the power of this visual content to influence and inform new ways of reaching and engaging customers across a multitude of digital mediums.

Take a look at our data-driven visual above.

10 Visual Content Tips for More Powerful Stories was last modified: October 13th, 2022 by Stern Strategy Group