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To succeed in content marketing, you first need the right strategy. There’s an important difference between having a content marketing strategy in mind and using one on paper to help guide your brand’s content and marketing decisions. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 61% of successful content marketers use a documented strategy. And 72% point directly to a documented content marketing strategy as the source of that success.

But implementing your strategy requires the right tools. Here are a few we love to help you get started.

4 Valuable Content Marketing Resources You’ll Love

HubSpot for Content Management

A good content management platform allows developers to create web and mobile content that is integrated across various platforms. More importantly, content marketers can focus on creating unique content tailored toward particular themes or issues.

We utilize the marketing software in HubSpot to house our newsletters, landing pages, thank you pages, emails and social content – all together in one place. This centralized approach enables us to launch effective marketing campaigns, increase web traffic, generate leads and prove ROI.

Monetate for Personalized Content

Intelligent personalization allows content marketers to generate content personalized to each individual visitor regardless of the point of interaction. Many platforms offer targeting functionalities to ensure content is delivered to the right audience and enables future tailoring of messages to better capitalize on opportunity.

Personalization is complicated but critical to content marketing strategy success. Monetate makes it easier, allowing us to learn and optimize our content. We run A/B tests using rich behavioral and contextual data, and segment and target our audiences through information from a variety of sources. Based on that data, Monetate’s technology chooses content or products to show each individual in real time.

SnapApp for Interactive Content Creation

Interactive content is critical to any content marketing strategy. Drag-and-drop platforms enable marketers to create, publish and manage interactive content – from infographics to contests.

We want to create content that resonates with our current and prospective clients, generating leads and business growth. SnapApp helps us create engaging and personalized experiences centered around our clients’ target audiences. This interactive content includes calculators, tests, polls/surveys, quizzes and interactive videos.

Google Analytics for Website and Blog Monitoring

Any good content marketing strategy requires analytics to ensure this year’s marketing successes are even better next year. The right web analytics tool can measure and optimize digital marketing campaigns. Monitoring website and blog traffic can show customer intelligence data, behavioral segmentation, targeting and scoring. Using this information, brands can optimize everything from landing pages to mobile to email marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics tracks website traffic through tracking codes. We have created accounts and implemented tracking codes on our websites and blogs to keep tabs on audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion data.

Why Content Marketing Resources Matter

Every company is unique – in its goals, and the tools and assets it needs to achieve them. Like most industries, fields and businesses, content marketing is ever-changing; new resources are emerging seemingly all the time.  Do your research, ask for recommendations and always experiment – until you find the best resources for your brand and your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing strategy isn’t one brand fits all. Likewise, it isn’t static. Experimenting with resources and tools will help you continuously develop innovative, interactive, personalized content powered by analytics.

Four Can’t Miss Content Marketing Resources was last modified: March 13th, 2023 by Stern Strategy Group