Your organization likely has an interesting story to tell. But the media may not easily see it. When trying to get your company’s name and leaders more visibility through the press, it’s important to think not as yourself – someone with a stake in what you have to say – but instead as a neutral member of the media-consuming public. So, ask yourself which of these headlines is more likely to draw you in as a reader?

  • Consulting Firm Releases New Report Finding Industry Trends Will Be Steady This Year
  • “Industry Faces Headwinds But Also Immense Opportunities,” Industry Leader Finds

You might agree the second one is more eye-catching, even if it essentially describes the exact same news or research. That’s because headlines – and by extension the way you frame and tell a story – matter. And that’s at the heart of our Thinking in Headlines approach to media relations strategy.

Media Relations: A Crowded, Noisy Space

I say this to the point that it’s a cliché, but the current media landscape is more crowded and harder to break through than ever before. There are fewer reporters competing for a bigger audience, as news becomes more 24/7 and all-encompassing. Reporters need quick, to-the-point narratives that are ideally counterintuitive or at least thought-provoking. That’s why we approach every partner we work with by first looking at their work and ideas, and developing a series of provocative headlines that will get them the media attention they seek and the resulting business impact that comes from it.

Thinking in Headlines to Frame the Story

All this is why headline development in advance of media outreach is key to how we build our partners’ strategies. We start from the end – the media placement – and work backward to get there. We look at your products, services and ideas to see what strikes us – and the wider world – as most provocative. We craft headlines that would solicit attention from media generally or even from specific reporters we have in mind, things like:

  • You Think Your Organization is Inclusive, But It Isn’t!
  • AI Is About to Disrupt Everything. Here’s How to Survive
  • If Leaders Don’t Have These 3 Qualities, They Won’t Last

Of course, not all these headlines will come to fruition in media placements, but at the minimum they frame stories for reporters and influencers who might otherwise ignore a pitch.

Ultimately, what you’re actually doing is the important part. But if you feel that what you have to offer is important, but not getting the attention it needs, you might just need to be thinking in headlines.

A robust public relations strategy is key to keeping up with the ever-changing media landscape and world around us – It elevates your brand and helps you build essential media relationships that align with your business goals. Partner with our team of seasoned PR professionals today. 

How Thinking in Headlines Evolves Your Media Strategy was last modified: March 12th, 2024 by Brian Sherry