Exponentialist Azeem Azhar, bestselling author of “The Exponential Age” and author of the Exponential View newsletter joins host Justin Louis on the first episode of season two of Minds Worth Meeting to discuss the future of technology and innovation. In this episode, Azeem discusses what the future of the world’s most complex technologies like artificial intelligence may look like, how they will impact society, and how today’s exponential advancements in technology go to the core of our identity. Azeem also speaks to how he uses GPT-4 in his everyday work and reveals a generative AI “superpower.”

You can learn more about Azeem’s work and if he may be a fit to speak at your organization’s next professional development day by visiting https://sternstrategy.com/speakers/azeem-azhar/.

You can also access his Exponential Views newsletter at https://www.exponentialview.co/.

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