“Failure” doesn’t have to be a bad word. In fact, failing well can lead to unexpected positive breakthroughs. In this episode of Minds Worth Meeting, Whitney Jennings speaks with Harvard Business School’s Amy Edmondson, author of the upcoming book “Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well”.

In this episode:

Amy discusses the origins of her interest in studying one of today’s most important organizational teaming topics – psychological safety.We discuss what failing well means and the science behind it.Amy gives us a few examples of the different types of failure, including a pair to avoid and what an “intelligent failure” is.Amy explains why hearing “failure is not an option” from a coach, parent or boss just serves to set up negative outcomes.

Where to find Amy Edmondson:

Amy’s personal websiteAmy at Harvard Business SchoolAmy on TwitterRight Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing WellClick or tap here to learn more about Amy Edmondson and how her keynotes, workshops and advisory sessions can help your organization build an environment of psychological safety, transparency and collaborative teaming, which ultimately leads to more effective operations, invested employees and a healthier bottom line.

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