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Social media has become an integral piece of the B2B communications puzzle, amplifying the reach and impact of marketing and PR, but only when deployed and managed effectively. Social is ever-evolving, multi-dimensional and resource-intense, which is why clients look to us to develop the right strategy and implement it. Our specialists are savvy strategists, creative copywriters, meticulous platform managers and insightful data-miners. We’re on top of the trends but won’t hesitate to tell you when the latest craze isn’t right for your business. We’re also highly attuned to your needs and goals, and those of your key audiences; our social media strategies reflect both.

As a top public relations agency, Stern Strategy understands how to leverage social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more to support broader public relations efforts and achieve real business impact for our clients. An integrated social media strategy is critical for any effective PR and communications plan today.

With deep expertise in media relations and managing PR crises, Stern’s team develops social campaigns that engage key audiences and drive meaningful results. We combine creative messaging and content with data-driven insight to identify optimal platforms, hashtags, influencers and more to amplify your brand, promote events, support thought leadership, and get your message in front of the audiences that matter most.

Our social media services include:

– Social Media Strategy Development: We work closely with you to understand your brand, objectives and target audiences in order to develop an integrated social media strategy aligned with your core PR and communications goals. Our strategies outline the best platforms, content types, engagement tactics, and more to support your unique needs.

– Social Media Management: Our team manages your brand profiles, handles day-to-day posting and engagement, monitors conversations and responds to comments and questions. We’re your dedicated social team.

– Social Campaigns: We develop and execute targeted social campaigns to promote product launches, events, thought leadership and other initiatives. Our campaigns are creative, strategic, and designed to maximize reach and engagement with key audiences.

– Social Listening: We monitor key platforms and conversations to gain real-time insight into how audiences perceive your brand. Our listening informs everything from reputation management to new opportunity identification.

– Social Analytics: We dig into follower demographics, engagement metrics, clicks, shares, and more to continuously optimize your social strategy. Our data-driven approach means every tactic is measured.

– Thought Leadership Development: We position executives as industry experts through social channels with shareable content, strategic hashtag usage, and engagement with influencers/media.

– Crisis Management: If an issue arises, we’re equipped to respond swiftly across social platforms. Our focus is protecting your reputation and getting ahead of the narrative.

Stern handles all aspects of execution, freeing up your team. But we also make social easy for you, with consolidated analytics/reporting and a single point of contact. As a top PR agency skilled in media relations, we get that social needs to align behind your overarching communications strategy. And our comprehensive skillset beyond social media allows us to maximize synergy across PR, marketing and advertising campaigns.

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We’ve developed results-driven social media strategies for clients across industries like:

Technology – Promoting thought leadership, events and increasing brand authority with key enterprise audiences.

Healthcare – Educating practitioners and driving advocacy through organic reach and paid amplification.

Financial Services – Engaging prospective customers by positioning executives as trusted industry experts.

Consumer Products – Growing brand affinity and consideration with social campaigns supporting new product launches.

Our data-driven approach means we benchmark key metrics at the start of every engagement and optimize to continually improve performance.

We’re a modern social media PR agency that leverages data-driven insight but never loses sight of strategic vision and creativity. Our team combines backgrounds in PR, marketing, journalism, analytics and content creation; this multidisciplinary expertise allows us to maximize the impact of every social program we develop. And we don’t just dump reports on you – our strategic counsel helps translate analytics into action.

If you’re searching for an experienced social media pr agency that can deliver real business value, we should talk. We’ll start by learning more about your brand, goals and target audiences to develop a customized social strategy. And we’ll keep optimizing as we track performance against KPIs using both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Many firms simply manage social channels. We elevate social media to achieve PR objectives.

Our dedicated social media specialists are ready to partner with your marketing team as a seamless extension of your brand. We become social media experts for your company. It’s what we do every day, for some of the world’s biggest brands.

We also integrate social into broader PR, communications and marketing campaigns for maximum amplification. Our expertise across services like media relations, thought leadership development, executive visibility,crisis management and more allows us to strategically align social with other initiatives. The result is an integrated strategy with higher impact.

We develop positioning to differentiate executives as thought leaders, provide media training for effective messaging, secure high-value media coverage and leverage every opportunity to amplify reach and engagement through social media. We support brands through a sophisticated mix of earned, owned and paid tactics.

We establish processes to streamline content development, community management and cross-team collaboration. And we institute listening protocols and analytics dashboards to add context and continually optimize efforts.

Some examples of our end-to-end social media public relations capabilities include:

Thought Leadership

Increase executive/brand influence by developing unique perspectives on industry trends and promoting through social content and influencer engagement.

Product Launches

Strategically build buzz leading up to announcement events. Give fans early access. Share key details across social channels and amplify media coverage.


Promote conferences/trade shows through targeted social campaigns. Engage attendees leading up to, during and following events.

Issues Management

Monitor social conversations to identify brewing issues early and intervene. Directly engage online critics and redirect the narrative.

Brand Awareness

Develop always-on content strategy and social engagement tactics to increase brand familiarity and loyalty with target demographics.

Lead Generation

Deploy targeted paid social campaigns to increase followers and drive conversions on landing pages. Develop gated content for lead nurturing.

An investment in social media management pays dividends across all PR efforts – from driving awareness to mitigating reputational threats. And our team integrates social into every communications campaign.

We’re passionate about social media and PR. For us, it’s not just posting content and hoping for engagement. It’s understanding how different platforms and audiences intersect and developing strategies to maximize impact. We connect messaging to business goals and craft content aligned to each community’s expectations, on its terms.

Our team stays on top of constantly evolving algorithms, new social media networks and features, viral trends and more. We fold these insights into our strategies and inspire new ideas to connect brands with key audiences.

And we use analytics at every phase – to inform strategy, track performance against KPIs and recalibrate efforts as needed. We dig into the data so we can focus on what truly drives results vs. vanity metrics like Likes.

But we never lose sight of the human element. Engaging communities requires creativity and nuanced messaging informed by data but brought to life through great storytelling and visual content.

This balanced approach is why clients turn to us as their social media PR experts. We become your dedicated social team.

When you make Stern Strategy your partner, you get:

– A Strategy Aligned to Business Goals: We don’t just create social content for content’s sake. Our social efforts ladder up to broader communications objectives.

– Unified Messaging: We ensure social content aligns seamlessly with PR programs and wider marketing initiatives.

– A Cohesive Yet Personalized Approach: We develop positioning tailored to each platform community, with unique content and engagement strategies.

– Creativity + Analytics: We design innovative campaigns fueled by data. KPIs guide efforts but compelling creative brings strategies to life.

– Ongoing Optimization: We continually monitor performance and evolving platform algorithms to ensure efforts remain effective.

– Seamless Team Integration: We liaise with internal groups to share best practices and amplify content across channels.

– Scalable Resources: Our team expands/contracts to meet the needs of our clients and provides support 24/7.

– Transparent Reporting: We share key metrics, campaign recaps, and optimization recommendations in easy-to-digest reports.

People invest in social media to build brand affinity. We help transform that vague goal into measurable results tied to strategic objectives. We execute tactics tailored to each platform’s culture and strengths – from viral Reddit campaigns to highly produced Youtube videos.

If you’re ready to elevate your social media game, let’s talk. We’ll start by thoroughly analyzing your brand, competitors and target audiences. This lays the groundwork for data-driven platform, community and campaign recommendations.

We can then discuss options for our team managing programs end-to-end or providing strategic counsel to optimize your in-house efforts. Either way, you get PR expertise that delivers real social media ROI – not just vanity metrics.

Don’t leave social media untapped. Get in touch with Stern Strategy today to learn more!

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