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Metaverse Experts

Gideon Lichfield Headshot

Trailblazing Journalist, Tech Guru, and Futurist Helping Organizations Anticipate Technology Trends That Are Poised to Disrupt Business and Society; Global Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine; Former Editor-in-Chief, MIT Technology Review; Co-founding Editor, Quartz Magazine

Technology / Futurists / AI, Robotics & Automation / Bioengineering, Genetics & Cellular Agriculture / Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies / New To Stern / Moderators / Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Data Analytics / Trust & Empathy / Metaverse / Founders & Practitioners
Desmond U. Patton Headshot

Pioneering Social Worker at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Empathy, Race and Society; Founding Director, SAFE Lab; Co-director, Justice, Equity and Technology Lab, Associate Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Data Science Institute (DSI); Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor, University of Pennsylvania; Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights

Education & Lifelong Learning / Human Resource Management & Talent Development / AI, Robotics & Automation / TED Speakers / Future of Work / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Moderators / Hybrid Work & Work From Home / Social Media Marketing & Business Analytics / Trust & Empathy / Metaverse
Kevin Kelly Headshot

Digital Visionary; New York Times Bestselling Author, “The Inevitable”; Writer on Business and “Cool Tools”; Co-Founder and Senior Maverick, WIRED

Futurists / Technology / AI, Robotics & Automation / TED Speakers / Must-Read Books / Metaverse

Renowned Brand Marketing Strategist Whose Retailing Success Matrix Offers Companies Winning Strategies for Surviving Disruption; Expert on Brand Loyalty, Management and Consumer Decision-Making; Bestselling, Award-Winning Author, “The Shopping Revolution” (2021); Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School; Executive Director, Marketing Science Institute

Marketing, Branding & Sales / Customer Experience & Consumer Behavior / Strategy / Women Speakers & Advisors / Must-Read Books / Metaverse
Jeremy Bailenson Headshot

Virtual Reality Pioneer and Leading Authority on Immersive Technologies That Are Reshaping Business and Society; Expert on VR and AR Tools That Improve Workplace Training and Culture and Prepare Companies for the Future of Work; Cognitive Psychologist; Founding Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University; Author, “Experience on Demand” (2018)

AI, Robotics & Automation / Human Resource Management & Talent Development / Customer Experience & Consumer Behavior / Technology / Future of Work / Inspirational Speakers / Must-Read Books / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Company Culture / Metaverse / Founders & Practitioners

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