The traditional management consulting model – big firm with multiple levels of moving parts – is complex and costly. Ours is straightforward and cost-effective. We connect you directly with our clients – foremost authorities who have unique capabilities to engage and teach, counsel and advise, helping even the most senior people and leading organizations in the world think differently and make change happen.

True thought leaders root their work and reputation on a model or theory. They own it, live it, evolve it and share it – with other leaders, managers and organizations, helping them think differently and make positive change happen. Our clients are true thought leaders; foremost authorities in the most critical areas essential for business growth and performance today. They’re renowned business book authors, professors at the most prestigious business schools and former C-level executives of noted corporations. And they’re now available to work hand-in-hand with senior executives and teams, offering their expertise, groundbreaking concepts and counsel to issues and opportunities through project-based or ongoing advisory engagements.

Corporate and organizational leaders are increasingly recognizing the unique value of the work, character, counseling and teaching skills of true thought leaders, thus creating demand for a new form of consulting. With Stern Advisory at the connection point, mutually beneficial projects happen, opening new sources of growth through the applied expertise of the thought leader’s time investment, theory and practice. Together, we create advisory relationships that yield organic innovation and tangible value.

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