Social media has proven itself to be a must-have marketing tool for B2B brands. There’s simply no denying it: buyers increasingly use both business and personal platforms to explore their challenges and needs, potential solutions and providers. The buying journey has changed, and to win in this non-linear purchasing environment, organizations must provide information specifically designed to advance the buyer on their path to purchase. So the question isn’t whether your business needs B2B social media, but if you’re using it to its fullest potential.

The days of setting up profiles,  publishing ad hoc content and expecting results are long gone. To build your brand, strengthen your fan base, develop relationships and increase word-of-mouth advocacy, social media needs to be an integrated – and integral – part of your marketing strategy.

The value of social media in creating awareness, driving interest and generating demand can’t be underestimated. It’s an increasingly important touchpoint in the sales process, but it’s not about selling in the traditional sense. Your presence and approach must align with company-wide goals. With a laser-focused strategy, your social presence will resonate with your audiences, differentiate you from your competitors and deliver measurable ROI.

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