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Today’s executives face more pressure than ever before to deliver results while navigating a brand through the treacherous waters of financial and reputational risk. In a recent article for Harvard Business Review, legendary management expert Michael Porter and dean of the Harvard Business School Nitin Nohria analyzed how leading CEOs organize and spend their time. The authors concluded that while business leaders have little time to spare, they still make time for a personal life despite their enormous workload.

How does the frantically busy leader arrange his or her routine to maximize personal well-being andleadership potential? These three speakers offer customized, interactive workshops with corporate leaders that teach them how to manage both organizations and their own lives in a more productive, effective and transformational way.


For three decades, leadership and performance expert Stew Friedman has helped executives create corporate cultures that achieve positive results for growth and profitability. Friedman developed the Total Leadership program – a systematic method for improving performance at work, at home, in the community, and for oneself – while at Ford Motors, and has since implemented the framework at Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Friedman also hosts workshops that teach leaders how to cultivate trust with others in the organization, building valuable networks of support and strengthening positive influence over others.


Porter’s and Nohria’s research found that effective CEOs stay connected with other managers and make themselves visible to junior employees. But as technology transforms communication, how can we ensure we retain the powers of meaningful interaction and conversation? New York Times best-selling author and renowned social psychologist Sherry Turkle’s research reveals that companies which avoid dependence on email, texts and other impersonal tech-oriented ways of communicating will improve effectiveness and their bottom lines. Using her “Reclaiming Conversation” framework, Turkle shows leaders how to maximize face-to-face engagement while boosting productivity and empathy.


Corporate leaders spend a significant amount of time in meetings, according to Porter and Nohria. But what are they discussing at these meetings? Are they trying to impose solutions to problems, or are they asking the right questions? According to MIT Leadership Center Director Hal Gregersen, the key to ongoing innovation for leaders is the latter: continuous inquiry. In workshops based on his highly anticipated forthcoming book “Questions Are the Answer” (HarperBusiness, November 2018), Gregersen engages directly with leaders to teach them his “Question Burst” method, which transforms meetings into laboratories for groundbreaking creativity and infinite innovation.

Through workshops, Friedman, Turkle and Gregersen expand on their keynotes to customize core lessons for your organization. And in the course of direct, interactive learning, leaders are able to master the essential skills of dynamic leadership. Before organizing your next executive learning seminar, contact us.

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