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A man lending a woman a helping hand, leading her with their palms together. She is wearing a blue denim shirt and he has a dark gray suit jacket. You cannot see their faces - just their hands and midsections.

Abigail Marsh’s research reveals how to cultivate a courageous company culture that raises psychological safety and increases collaboration.

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Arrows heading in the right direction, signifying leadership and influence.

Last month, Stern Strategy Group employees were fortunate to participate in an in-house workshop led by Zoe Chance, Yale School of Management professor and client of Stern Speaking & Advisory, who specializes in persuasion and decision-making. The team had many wonderful takeaways they could immediately use to increase their effectiveness and influence in their professional…

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A podium with microphone on a stage with an empty audience; signaling leadership & how to communicate effectively.

March 4, 2023 marks an important anniversary not just in the history of the nation and of the world, but of the power of effective communication. On that date 90 years previously, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn in as President of the United States. This was a crucial event because Roosevelt, taking office at the…

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Dimly lit lightbulb.

Saturday, February 11 is Thomas Alva Edison’s 176th birthday. Edison, inventor of the modern incandescent light bulb, the phonograph and the motion picture camera, among other things that have impacted and defined today’s world, has special relevance for me and for Stern Strategy Group. One of his laboratories as well as his home and burial…

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A desk with a laptop and a white mug with a lipstick stain that says The Future is Female

These fascinating women scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders are making huge strides in AI, robotics, health care and space technology.

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A pattern of lightbulbs against a white background - all the lightbulbs are blue except one that is red

Organizations spend billions annually in efforts to speed innovation on their teams but are stymied if their investments don’t result in better performance. What else can they add to their strategic toolbox to help learning and creativity thrive in their culture? Just-released research by leadership and innovation experts Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr reveals that…

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One hand reaching down and another hand reaching up at the very instant the hands connect in front of a gray background

A disturbing trend started to emerge in 2022: more and more women leaders are leaving their companies, and the gap between the rate at which women and men were leaving is the largest it’s ever been. These results, derived from over 333 companies surveyed in McKinsey’s 2022 Women at Work study, reveal that even the…

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Digital Transformation System

Why do organizations spend so much money trying to get things done with technology but fail so often? According to Geoff Parker, the Charles E. Hutchinson ’68A Professor of Engineering Innovation and executive director of the Master of Engineering Management Program at Dartmouth College, technology is widely available but not utilized properly, with the necessary…

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Crisis management team collaborating around a table of graphs and charts

How do leaders create workplace cultures that inspire true inclusiveness and make all employees feel like they belong? How can organizations turn everyday crises into opportunities? Simmons University President Lynn Perry Wooten, Ph.D., has built a career out of transforming these challenging questions into competitive advantages, showing that organizations don’t have to succumb to crises…

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Ruchika Tulshyan’s actionable frameworks for turning empathy into action transform company cultures to create a lasting, positive impact.

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Stern Strategy Group organization lobby with windows overlooking outside

An Interview with Susan Stern, Founder of Stern Strategy Group Susan Stern shares how she made her dream of an honest, respectful and responsive client services agency a reality. Starting a business is a great endeavor but leading a successful business for nearly 40 years is even better. When Susan founded Stern Strategy Group in…