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TIME Magazine named 2024 “not just an election year. It’s perhaps the election year.”

As countries around the world – from the U.S. and Mexico to South Korea and India – make important leadership choices in 2024, what role do business leaders play in potentially redefining economies and cultures?

In an eye-opening Q&A, Rawi Abdelal, world-renowned Harvard Business School professor of international management, explains the importance of embracing stability, the dangers of generative AI and misinformation, strategies for taking a pragmatic view of social media, and more.

Truly a gifted speaker, award-winning professor and, as seen in this New York Times piece, a foremost authority on how globalization and geopolitics affect businesses, economies, supply chains and social structures, he identifies this year’s most important issues for business leaders and emphasizes the vital importance of citizen participation.

“The messaging from business leaders should be about stability and embracing candidates who might provide us that stability,” explains Abdelal when asked about what business leaders should be communicating to employees and the public about the 2024 elections. “We shouldn’t care very much about whom the voters choose, as long as we can rely on this idea that it’s important for us to keep a stable economic environment and that requires a kind of reconvergence to the center of the political spectrum.”

A trusted advisor to business leaders from Boards to the C-Suite who is consistently one of the highest rated speakers at meetings, Abdelal’s keynotes help decipher political and social trends and empower decision-makers to respond in ways that bring about positive change both in their organizations and society at large.

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