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Tech pioneer Rana el Kaliouby unravels the mysteries of artificial intelligence, helping weave an AI mindset into the fabric of an organization.

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We all want to work in an office where people are polite, considerate and kind. But it is possible to be too nice, failing to disagree when it’s important to do so and never surfacing new ideas or innovations. “You can’t have a diverse, inclusive, productive team without some healthy fights,” says workplace dynamics expert Amy Gallo. “And…

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  In a variety of just released and upcoming books, our clients are taking on topics as diverse as the organizational resilience that comes out of exceptional leadership, especially in crises, a timely update about Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical influence, and insights into just how consequential the process of picking a president is. Written by leading…

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Crisis management team collaborating around a table of graphs and charts

How do leaders create workplace cultures that inspire true inclusiveness and make all employees feel like they belong? How can organizations turn everyday crises into opportunities? Simmons University President Lynn Perry Wooten, Ph.D., has built a career out of transforming these challenging questions into competitive advantages, showing that organizations don’t have to succumb to crises…

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How can organizations successfully compete against the digital giants? Adopt an AI-first operating model to unlock unlimited growth says Harvard Business School (HBS) Professor and digital transformation pioneer Marco Iansiti. Co-author of the critically-acclaimed book “Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World” (January 2020), Iansiti helps leaders…