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Looking for the perfect summer read? Relax next to the pool, beach or on your couch with this collection of entertaining and enlightening books by some of the world’s top thought leaders. Whether you’re interested in breaking bad habits and replacing them with helpful routines or looking for strategies for supercharging your team at work, these fifteen books have you covered all season long.

Matt Beane’sThe Skill Code” is an indispensable primer for how we can retain practices like mentorship ­– and more of the vital ways we’ve been building skills for centuries – in the age of AI.

In “The AI-Savvy Leader,” David De Cremer outlines nine specific strategies for ensuring your leaders and organization as a whole are optimized for AI implementation.

Songyee Yoon’sPush Play” offers a look into how the gaming industry can provide a transformative model for creating a more equitable world for everyone.

Bart De Langhe explains how turning the traditional decision-making process on its head can reveal a powerful new recipe for combining human intelligence with data in “Decision-Driven Analytics.

In “The Problem with Change,” a Financial Times Best Book of Summer 2024, Ashley Goodall reveals the psychological costs of constant change and demonstrates how it can stymie the progress it seeks to create.

Marc Zao-Sanders breaks down one of the simplest yet most powerful time management strategies for both your work and home lives in “Timeboxing.”

What role does silence play in psychological safety? In “Unlearning Silence,” Elaine Lin Hering explains this vital step to building a true “speak up” culture.

Lisa Mosconi’sThe Menopause Brain” takes a modern scientific approach to helping women through one of life’s biggest biological transitions by investigating the role our brain plays during and after.

A deeply personal project from Shalene Gupta, “The Cycle” is an empowering revelation for women experiencing premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). 

In “Magic Pill,” Johann Hari takes a provocative look at the new generation of popular weight-loss drugs – both their benefits and potential risks.

Stew Friedman’s groundbreaking book, “Baby Bust,” gets the full 10th anniversary treatment with an updated special edition that includes new analysis of how people’s plans to have children have changed over the last decade.

Always insightful and constantly armed with unexpected treats up his sleeve, Cass Sunstein urges us to break out of everyday habits to appreciate what we take for granted in “Look Again.” He then embarks on a fascinating investigation into the nature of celebrity in “How to Become Famous.”

Are there better ways to fix the inefficiencies and inequalities of today’s economic policies? That’s one of the big questions Nick Romeo tackles in his debut book, “The Alternative.”

Also catch his eye-opening interview on our podcast, Minds Worth Meeting.

Celebrating one of our greatest academic minds, “The Essential Howard Gardner on Education,” collects some of Gardner’s most insightful research and writings on lifelong learning.

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