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Economics is inseparable from politics and philosophy, but we don’t have to be prisoners to what are assumed to be inevitable economic laws. As we kick off our third season of Minds Worth Meeting, Justin Louis speaks with journalist and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism lecturer Nick Romeo about his new book, “The Alternative: How to Build a Just Economy.”

In this episode:

  • Nick discusses how his background in ancient philosophy led him to become an investigative economic journalist.
  • We talk about an Austrian village that is successfully experimenting with a jobs guarantee.
  • We touch on a growing trend in business: perpetual purpose trusts – what they mean and how they can benefit employees.
  • Nick explains how the multi-billion dollar Mondragon Corporation has become one of the most successful worker cooperatives in the world.

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Where to find Nick Romeo:

Click or tap here to learn more about Nick Romeo and how his deft command of international policy and economics makes him a sought-after expert on some of the most impactful issues of the day.

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