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As your trusted ally, Stern Strategy Group Speakers & Advisors connects renowned thought leaders working to improve our world with organizations striving to do the same.

We don’t just broker transactions.
We build long-term relationships.

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Stern Strategy Group PR & Executive Visibility partners with executives and organizations to uncover, and unleash their inner strengths – and make them known for it.

It’s not about products.
It’s about people and the problems you solve.

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Ideas with Impact

  • Amy Edmondson
    Amy Edmondson
  • Rumman Chowdhury
    Rumman Chowdhury
  • Paul Romer
    Paul Romer
  • Rawi Abdelal
    Rawi Abdelal
  • Jiaying Zhao
    Jiaying Zhao
  • Amy Gallo
    Amy Gallo
  • Gary Marcus
    Gary Marcus
  • Michael B. Horn
    Michael B. Horn


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We look forward to working with you to drive growth and positive change.

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