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Current AI systems can’t handle the truth – and that’s a big problem for democracy, says AI pioneer and NYU Professor Emeritus Gary Marcus.

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Meet the visionaries helping organizations understand the risks and rewards of leveraging generative AI tools.

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When looking for ways to solve problems in business, there’s a lot of talk about frameworks, blueprints and playbooks. But Caltech mathematical physicist Spyridon “Spiros” Michalakis, PhD. (SPEE-ros mee-ha-LAH-kiss), isn’t interested in slides and graphs; his goal is to connect and inspire. With what he playfully calls “the quantum way of thinking,” Spiros explains that the secret…

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You’ve just opened your work email to find an expected, but slightly odd, email from a colleague. You can’t quite put your finger on what’s different this time. The subject line demands you take immediate action and the email is prompting you to click on a link within. You click… And now you – and…

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While stories about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to dominate the news, an important question is, will NFTs go away as quickly as they appeared, or are they here to stay? (And an understandable companion question is: What are NFTs, anyway, and why are people spending millions of dollars to acquire them?!) Traditional investors, or those who rely on…

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How do you know when to trust an organization, individual or piece of news? And how do you regain trust from customers, employees or colleagues when your own trustworthiness has been called into question? It’s not always easy, says Wharton Business Law and Ethics Professor Kevin Werbach, an authority on blockchain technologies, AI, and cybersecurity. Werbach –…

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A pervasive lack of trust is affecting many areas of life right now. Too often, the practices of businesses and institutions – and those who run them – are being called into question, leading to backlash from customers and constituents who are choosing to disengage, boycott or otherwise rebel. This crisis of trust has leaders scrambling for…