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Quantum technologies are about to shift the paradigm of the entire computing world, ushering in a new era of communication and possibility. Why – and how – should leaders prepare for a quantum reality, today?

“Quantum will have a big role in bringing about the future of computing, networking, and sensing. I think we’ve only scratched the surface, and there’s still so much to do,” says Professor Prineha Narang, Ph.D., an award-winning quantum technology expert and the Howard Reiss Chair in Physical Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). “Distributed quantum computing and connected quantum devices are starting to arrive on the market, and even companies that are traditionally viewed as risk-averse will say they have a team looking at quantum technologies. Organizations need to disrupt or be disrupted.”

Principal Investigator at the Narang Lab at UCLA who was named an MIT Tech Review Top Innovator and to the Forbes 2017 “30 Under 30” list, Narang leads an interdisciplinary group that connects different branches of the physical sciences to uncover groundbreaking discoveries that will fundamentally alter the future of technology. Working at all levels of the quantum technology stack, the lab explores hardware, circuit optimization and algorithms for small devices to enable the leap to quantum technologies.

Narang’s realistic and highly informed perspective of where deep tech is now, where it will be in five to 10 years, and its potential abilities has been highly valued by organizations where she helped build and expand their advanced materials and quantum technology programs including IBM, Applied Materials and Northrop Grumman Corporation, as well as various government agencies. Her direction is essential to organizations seeking to implement and scale quantum networks and hybrid classical/quantum systems, wield entanglement as a resource, and prepare for the impacts of quantum cryptography.

Also a pioneering inventor, Narang developed an award-winning quantum sensing approach which, if successful, could speed the accurate identification of environmental toxins and play an important role in sustainability efforts.

Named a 2023 U.S. Science Envoy, approved by the Secretary of State, Narang is engaging internationally at the citizen and government levels to enhance relationships between other nations and the United States, develop partnerships and improve collaboration. She is the first Science Envoy to be appointed in the field of quantum science and technology. Through the Science Envoy Program, eminent U.S. scientists and engineers leverage their expertise and networks to forge connections and identify opportunities for sustained international cooperation, championing innovation and demonstrating America’s scientific leadership and technical ingenuity.

Known for her ability to make quantum technology accessible to people with any level of scientific background, Narang’s expert guidance allows organizations to evaluate and make informed decisions about the quantum technologies in use today and predict timelines for ones on the horizon. 

Headshot of Prineha Narang. She is wearing a white textured suit jacket with black detailing on the lapels and a pearl necklace and earrings. She is smiling and has dark hair and brown eyes. The background is a white wall

Anticipating the Right Tools for Your Quantum Toolkit

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of the VC-backed quantum networks company Aliro, Narang possesses a unique practitioner’s perspective – a boon for organizations that are evaluating the immediate and practical advantages, limitations and scalability of quantum technology.

Narang sees applications of her novel and previously unexplored quantum concepts in cybersecurity, GPT and other AI tools, consumer electronics, climate sensing quantum devices, and space systems and satellites. Her game-changing research and insights enable organizations to navigate a quickly changing world with confidence.

“One of the biggest promises of quantum computers is their ability to predict new materials and molecules, ideally predicting them even better than you could with the biggest, baddest classical computers,” explains Narang. “These discoveries will enable us to make phenomenal advances in the next generation of technologies. CEOs and CTOs may think it’s so far out they don’t need to worry about it now and that it’s someone else’s problem. That’s simply not the case.”

An exceptional educator and experienced leader, Narang illuminates a path for any organization to become a part of building the quantum future, from the smallest startups to the largest institutions. Pointing out that today’s quantum networks are comparable to classical networks of the 1970s, she uses easy-to-understand metaphors to demonstrate how different systems can be used to transmit data and information further and faster than ever before. Her trusted guidance and collaborative approach bring leaders, companies, and governments closer together as they create and scale the next generation of technology.

“There are great reasons to be optimistic as we look forward to the next five to 10 years,” encourages Narang. “In our lab, we’re hopeful that these quantum systems will provide the scientific community with new insights that will accelerate discovery and help us solve problems to improve the human condition.”

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