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Millennials have access to more time- and labor-saving devices than any past generation, but fewer people in this generation are choosing parenthood. Could this mismatch be explained by our current approach to how we balance the various aspects of our lives?

A decade after its initial publication, Stew Friedman‘s “Baby Bust: New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family” remains a critical resource for understanding the dynamics of work and family life. An award-winning professor at the Wharton School of Business and a pioneering figure in work/life integration, Friedman’s insights are reshaping how organizations approach leadership in an era of remote work and evolving family structures.

In the 10th Anniversary Edition of “Baby Bust,” Friedman, who is a 2023 inductee into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame, revisits his groundbreaking study, offering new perspectives on the continued decline in birth rates and its implications for businesses. His work sheds light on the challenges faced by today’s workforce, providing a roadmap for organizations seeking to support their employees in achieving a balance between personal and professional responsibilities. As businesses grapple with evolving employee expectations and strive for inclusive workplaces, “Baby Bust” also provides essential guidance on creating environments where both men and women can thrive personally and professionally.

“Organizations have many routes for helping Millennials while adding to their bottom line,” Friedman points out. “Smart organizations have already recognized that they benefit from doing so through increased productivity, engagement, health and retention of talent.”

Friedman’s expertise is grounded in over thirty years of research, consulting and leadership experience at top organizations, including his role as the senior executive for leadership development at Ford Motor Company. A renowned executive educator, his “Total Leadership” framework is an evidence-based blueprint that empowers leaders to successfully integrate key life domains to gain a greater sense of purpose and control and to live a richer life.

Energizing and empathetic, Friedman’s invaluable guidance and easily implementable strategies, regardless of organization size or industry, are beacons of hope for those striving for harmony in the modern workplace. His practical and tested insights present a new way to approach today’s fast-paced world – because tomorrow, it’s only going to get faster.

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