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What’s your growth strategy for 2020? Not every company can “be like Uber.” Bigger companies are more complex, which makes it more challenging to innovate. But not impossible.

Big can be beautiful, says Gary Pisano, renowned Harvard Business School professor and the foremost authority on growth and innovation strategies for large firms and startups.

Organizational progress requires CXOs to lead the creative construction—of strategies, systems and culture—to avoid the destruction that is all-too-often the fate of those that fail to effectively innovate. This is the powerful message of Pisano’s award-winning book, “Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation” (PublicAffairs, January 2019), and it’s resonating across the world.


  • Named strategy+business’ Best Business Book of 2019 (in the strategy category)
  • The focus of a must-read Harvard Business Review cover story, and the impetus behind numerous other media interviews and articles (see strategy resources here)
  • The in-demand topic of presentations and talks to biotech and pharma companies, private capital and financial services firms, nonprofits, manufacturers, conglomerates and more (watch “5 Key Innovation Lessons”)

Known for his prolific writing and customized presentations, Pisano engages and offers audiences new thinking about how big companies can leverage their scale for long-term advantage.

You’re charged with leading growth in 2020. It starts with Pisano’s framework for creating a culture of sustained innovation. Let’s talk.

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