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These fresh strategies focus on values, purpose, wellness and inclusion to boost happiness, mitigate stress and improve productivity.

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When you think of New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, do you think of audiences in tuxedos and ultra-exclusive highbrow programs? Henry Timms, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lincoln Center has been on a mission to show all that they’re welcome at the iconic arts complex. In a recent New York…

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A man lending a woman a helping hand, leading her with their palms together. She is wearing a blue denim shirt and he has a dark gray suit jacket. You cannot see their faces - just their hands and midsections.

Abigail Marsh’s research reveals how to cultivate a courageous company culture that raises psychological safety and increases collaboration.

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These fascinating women scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders are making huge strides in AI, robotics, health care and space technology.

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Organizations spend billions annually in efforts to speed innovation on their teams but are stymied if their investments don’t result in better performance. What else can they add to their strategic toolbox to help learning and creativity thrive in their culture? Just-released research by leadership and innovation experts Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr reveals that…

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Digital transformation has become much more than simply upgrading software and building a new skill set; it’s now a required state of mind, says Paul Leonardi, award-winning University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) professor and Technology Management department chair. With hybrid work here to stay, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms increasingly deployed in business and technology…

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Ruchika Tulshyan’s actionable frameworks for turning empathy into action transform company cultures to create a lasting, positive impact.

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How do companies and leaders become trustworthy? And once lost, can trust be regained? The long-awaited and timely new book, “The Power of Trust: How Companies Earn It, Lose It, Regain It” (Public Affairs, July 6, 2021) by co-authors Sandra J. Sucher and Shalene Gupta, answers those questions and more in a way other books on the subject…

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What’s your growth strategy for 2020? Not every company can “be like Uber.” Bigger companies are more complex, which makes it more challenging to innovate. But not impossible. Big can be beautiful, says Gary Pisano, renowned Harvard Business School professor and the foremost authority on growth and innovation strategies for large firms and startups. Organizational progress…