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A team of Lego people being enlightened by a light bulb

Many companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to automate repetitive tasks and analyze piles of data. But organizations have much to gain if they expand their current view to treat AI as a knowledge-work teammate, says leadership and innovation authority Hal Gregersen, senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and award-winning author…

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Man and woman sitting on unequal levels of coins

Connie Hadley’s new research uncovers tangible solutions to tackle a long-standing workplace inequality that’s been hiding in plain sight.

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Digital transformation team collaborating

Digital transformation has become much more than simply upgrading software and building a new skill set; it’s now a required state of mind, says Paul Leonardi, award-winning University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) professor and Technology Management department chair. With hybrid work here to stay, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms increasingly deployed in business and technology…

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handmade bench in front of the ocean, signifying trust

There is a crisis of trust permeating society and businesses have no choice but to address it. Trust issues show up in many forms. A scandal or product defect may cause customers to distrust a brand. People who feel overlooked or undercompensated in the workplace because of their skin color, gender or sexual orientation may come to…