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There tends to be a rivalry between sales and marketing teams. Sales often sees marketing as out-of-touch with what’s really happening on the frontlines. Marketing can view sales as focused only on individual deals rather than the big picture. This tension has deepened as sales and marketing tools have become more complex and data-driven. But sales folks should understand how marketing supports sales.

However, pitting sales against marketing is counterproductive. The two departments have interconnected goals and are stronger together than apart. So, how does marketing support sales? Here are a few key reasons why sales should see the value of marketing:

Marketing Brings Qualified Leads

Marketers use various tactics to generate and nurture leads until they are sales-ready. They build targeted email lists, run multi-touch advertising campaigns, publish helpful content and monitor lead quality. Without marketing, sales would have to start from scratch seeking potential customers. The more qualified leads marketing delivers, the more deals sales can close.

Marketing Supports Sales Strategies

Marketers don’t sit in an ivory tower dictating strategy. The best marketing supports sales goals and helps determine ideal customer profiles, market segments to target, and messaging that resonates. Marketing executes campaigns in sync with sales objectives and adapts based on sales feedback. Alignment between the sales and marketing teams results in better outcomes.

Marketing Automates Key Functions

Sales used to have to spend lots of time on tasks like sending emails, finding contact info, creating collateral, and booking events. Now marketing automation handles many of these responsibilities seamlessly. This frees up sales to focus on revenue-generating activities like calls, demos and relationship-building. Marketing improves efficiency.

Marketing Provides Helpful Insights

With access to customer data and analytics, marketing can uncover valuable insights on buyer behavior, campaign effectiveness, lead quality and more. Sharing metrics helps sales forecast accurately, optimize pitches and increase productivity. Rather than hiding data, collaboration helps the teams excel.

Marketing Makes Selling Easier

It’s a whole lot easier to sell something that has a great brand, exceptional website, and active social media. When people are considering whether to make a purchase or invest, they go online to learn more. As potentials customers and clients are in this discovery phase, they can either develop more trust and desire or decide to go elsewhere.

While sales and marketing have distinct roles, their work complements one other. Building a spirit of trust and teamwork between the departments is essential. With marketing and sales aligned, companies gain a powerful competitive advantage. Any animosity only hurts the bottom line. It’s time to bury the hatchet and start collaborating for better results.

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