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It is possible to spread a message of hope from the greatest adversity possible. In this inspirational episode of Minds Worth Meeting, Justin Louis and guest host Meg Virag speak with Holocaust survivor Tova Friedman about how to find hope in times of darkness.

In this episode:

  • Tova tells us about the emotional process of writing her memoir, “The Daughter of Auschwitz
  • We talk about how her story became a sensation thanks to TikTok.
  • We discuss the roots of hatred and how unchecked movements can lead to genocide.
  • Tova shares the simple but powerful message she gave to world leaders at the United Nations.

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Where to find Tova Friedman:

Click or tap here to learn more about Tova Friedman and how her incredible story of survival inspires audiences around the world to recognize that natural resilience and the ability to overcome is within every one of us.

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