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How can we become ‘good-ish’ people? For that matter, what is a ‘good-ish’ person? In this episode of Minds Worth Meeting, Whitney Jennings and Justin Louis speak with NYU Stern School of Business professor and social psychologist Dolly Chugh. She explains how being a ‘good-ish’ person allows us to better relate to others, become great leaders and understand a past that hasn’t always been one of beauty and honor.

In this episode:

  • Dolly explains what a ‘good-ish’ person is and how to become one.
  • We talk about how to be a great boss by becoming more self-aware of how the way we show up to work impacts others.
  • We reminisce about View-Master and Pillow Pets and discuss the connections we create by invoking nostalgia.
  • Dolly then tells us that it is possible to appreciate nostalgia while taking important lessons from a complicated past.

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Where to find Dolly Chugh

Click or tap here to learn more about Dolly Chugh and how she equips companies with strategies and techniques to become truly inclusive, effective leaders in their industry.

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