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When business leaders commit to solving big problems everyone wins, says Harvard Business School’s Professor Rebecca Henderson. It creates happy employees, more revenue and stable economies.

That’s exactly what’s happening now. Businesses are “waking up to the business case for social responsibility” and are starting to exert their powers for positive change; not dumping in rivers, or buying from those who tolerate poor working conditions or who burn fossil fuels. What was an unlikely scenario even just 10 years ago – businesses doing good because it’s profitable in the long term – is now a viable business strategy, one that’s laying the groundwork for systemic change.

In this episode of Minds Worth Meeting, Professor Henderson shares stories of companies leading the way (Unilever) in sustainability efforts and of consortiums derived from the palm oil dilemma as she gives us a framework for how leaders can make change today to embrace and implement a long-term strategy for the future.

Also, our guest host Mel Blake returns!

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