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Artificial intelligence is spreading fast, but are ethical safeguards spreading as quickly as they should be? In this episode of Minds Worth Meeting, Justin Louis speaks with the founder and CEO of Virtue Ethics Consultancy and author of “Ethical Machines,” Reid Blackman.

In this episode:

  • Reid explains why the issue of ethics in AI has become so much more urgent in the last few months
  • We discuss the differences between the impacts AI may have on society versus the impacts that business leaders should be thinking about
  • Reid says while the AI genie is out of the bottle and it’s too late to put it back in, it’s not too late for business leaders to familiarize themselves with AI systems before implementing them
  • Reid points out the difference between bad actors and “accidental actors”

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Where to find Reid Blackman:

Click or tap here to learn more about Reid Blackman and how his keynotes, workshops and advisory sessions can help your organization mitigate the potential ethical risks of implementing AI systems into business.

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