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How can something seemingly as simple as recognition help to heal society’s deep divides? In this episode of Minds Worth Meeting, Whitney Jennings has a conversation with sociologist and Harvard University professor Michèle Lamont. She tells us how taking the time to see others and give recognition and dignity to all can redefine the workplace, and even society, to be a more sustainable environment in which people can be their authentic selves and thrive.

In this episode:

  • Michèle explains the long-term importance of recognition in the workplace as an aspect of good leadership.
  • We discuss how it’s the responsibility of all managers to create a workplace that acknowledges the dignity of all workers.
  • Michèle tells us that stigmatization often begins with moral blaming, but narrative change can help us understand the differences between groups, a process that organizations play a central role in.

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Where to find Michèle Lamont:

Click or tap here to learn more about Michèle Lamont and how she equips companies with a unique, non-partisan perspective on how to create conditions where recognition, dignity, equality, respect, inclusion and destigmatization are actively promoted in empowering workplace environments.

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